Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the "PLN"

I think the personal learning network I'm most involved in is the crafty side of things. The main website i go to is Etsy . Although it is a community of handmade good sellers, it is also a source of crafty information--from how to take good photographs to sell your product, and how to create good banners to promote your store, to fashion trends of the season and spotlighted sellers. I've learned a lot about DIY and have been inspired by the people who do so well on Etsy. I have also learned how to interact in the online community better.

I also supplement my curiosity with sites like, friends blogs and popular blogs (like pioneer woman cooks), where i get ideas and i learn more about the field of homemaking/independent business/creativity.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

RSS feeds!

So for my first feed I couldn't help but add Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman Cooks . Her recipes are interesting and possible. I also enjoy your step by step pictures, and I think they are both helpful and inspiring.

I'm also following The Sartorialist which is a guy (okay maybe a woman) who takes photos of people and their fashion and posts it on their blog. I think it could be interesting for students to see what everyone else out there is wearing.

Finally I'm following Home Ec 101 . Which kind of has a down home approach to the field of Family and Consumer Sciences giving advice for cleaning, cooking, and fixing things. It has good stuff people should know (and definitely used to) but don't.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Beginning

Here is the beginning of a blog for IP&T.

A bit about me
I am a family and consumer science education major, just about ready to lift off into the real world. I like bird watching and collecting postcards with lobsters on them. I also enjoy cooking, which makes it sad when i can only eat oatmeal creme pies for dinner.

blogs: too cool for school?
I think blogs are appropriate for school, but I think it is also necessary that the kids are relatively independently driven. And you can't have self motivated kids only, you need a topic they are interested enough to sit down and put on the public Internet.