Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Beginning

Here is the beginning of a blog for IP&T.

A bit about me
I am a family and consumer science education major, just about ready to lift off into the real world. I like bird watching and collecting postcards with lobsters on them. I also enjoy cooking, which makes it sad when i can only eat oatmeal creme pies for dinner.

blogs: too cool for school?
I think blogs are appropriate for school, but I think it is also necessary that the kids are relatively independently driven. And you can't have self motivated kids only, you need a topic they are interested enough to sit down and put on the public Internet.


  1. I agree with the self motivating statement. and I like your blog- it's cute!

  2. I understand that the kids need to have their own motivation, however, I think the blog could be better used by a teacher. The students would need to be helped. Unless you were teaching a technology class, I don't think it would be wise to have students do their own blogs.

  3. I think that there's always ways that you can incorporate activities that are interesting and motivate students to be creative and use time wisely. Especially in our major when we will be teaching kids home economics, why not use technology, like blogs, to help them stay interested in what we are teaching. Would have been fun for me back in those days.

  4. I think blogs can be good- but i think a website would be more organized and better layout for the students to use- then for the kids who are not self motivated they do not need to ever get on, but the over achievers can have somewhere to reference for information.

  5. I agree that kids need to be self-motivated..blogs definitely need to be used age appropriately. And if you are teaching younger students, blogs are great for parents.

  6. I agree also that students need to be self motivated and not spoon fed. CUTE BLOG, love the stars!