Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The movie

here is my movie plan:

Length pattern alteration (Clothing II, standard 3 objective 1)
  1. Intro: narrative with text and a sweet photo

A. "often we need to lengthen clothing so they can fit, the bes place is to start with a pattern. We will be working on a skirt pattern, lengthening it 2 inches to make it knee length for our model"

B. Pic--girl wearing a knee length skirt

2. Still image of pattern

3. Funny image of girl wearing skirt too short

4. ? question mark

5. Video of me drawing line on pattern to cut--narration "1st we need to find a line perpendicular to center front (or back) that a neutral space to add length"

a. Draw

6. "stop action" still images of pulling the pattern down 2" --narration "now pull pattern down 2 inches making sure to keep perpendicular to center front (or back)

7. Cartoon of math--narration: you want your pattern to be length of your waist to knee + hem (1 1/4") and waist seam allowance (5/8")

8. Tape! sweet "stop action" of taping motion

9. the end--text credits

This is to fulfill an objective for Clothing II--pattern alterations.

In this case i think that a video is really helpful because it is hard to show a whole class what i'm trying to do with a pattern without huge annoying pieces of paper. It is also helpful for students to be able to watch the video as many times as they need to make sense of the task. Since there are alot of alterations that i could teach to really fulfill the objective i think that it would help save time also by having a video--partly because students can watch as many times as necessary, and partly because it is quicker to learn something if you can control the speed and go through the steps at your own pace.

I'm going to be using windows movie maker and my digital camera--wish me luck!


  1. As you mentioned, I think the greatest advantage to this is the fact that your students will have access to watch the video as many times as they need to in order to grasp the concept. Watching you do it once in class may not be effective. If they need to, they can watch it, pause it while the finish the step you show, and then continue watching it until they finish their project.