Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Final Blog Post: #10

So time for an accumulation of thoughts.

I think I use technology every time I explore "some domain of knowledge". When I go to my sewing labs to teach we have computerized machines I have to deal with. When I grade assignments I get to use programs online. When I do my homework I need to use desktop programs and explore databases. When I want to know something I google search it (true story).

When I interact with my classmates technology is the main medium. We all have a general knowledge of google docs and other applications so we can easily collaborate on assignments. That is probably the newest type of technology we use

In my classroom I think technology will mainly be equipment--cameras, machines, etc.
But I'm a fan of using the internet as a source for students to learn about the subject as it applies to the real world.

In this class I learned that technology isn't that hard. If they made it for the public to use I can figure it out well enough.

I think something I learned in this class that I might use is how to make a website. Even though i just made a google site, and it was easy, I want one for my classroom (hopefully kids actually look at it).

well... I guess that's all.

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